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Mother Nature

Of all the ways to connect with Nature, serving with gratitude seems to be the most fulfilling
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How desperate are you to lead a good lifecan be measured bythe number of new habits you cultivate in you in a given time.
The desire for FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY are two sides of the same YOU! When kept in BALANCE, Life moves in the right direction....

The Wanderers

Dried & Fallen Leaves travel far
Telling Stories of Wisdom to those
Green Ones still tied within!

Prasanna, the fallen one, carries stories of varied hues and colours
Spans waves of Upheaval for many!

Indian Thought

SERVICE & SACRIFICE are the two thoughts very indigenous to us and hence very INDIAN. While those are common human values that's cherished over the millenia by all civilizations. we can stake claim that as a Society, we have promoted those thoughts more than the rest.