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Eating is Important

Why eat everyday?
Why Live?
To fulfill the Destiny
What's our Destiny?
To SERVE & SACRIFICE is the Destiny of Humankind.
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The Wanderers

Dried & Fallen Leaves travel far
Telling Stories of Wisdom to those
Green Ones still tied within!

Prasanna, the fallen one, carries stories of varied hues and colours
Spans waves of Upheaval for many!

Indian Thought

SERVICE & SACRIFICE are the two thoughts very indigenous to us and hence very INDIAN. While those are common human values that's cherished over the millenia by all civilizations. we can stake claim that as a Society, we have promoted those thoughts more than the rest.


Self Reliance is not the Goal. It's the outcome coming out of a Society striving for Self Governance & Self Discipline.

Self Discipline leads to Self Governance
Self Governance enables Self Reliance
Self Reliance is the means of Growth

The Hand Made & the GST

Is Hand made to be promoted? If it's in the decline in the last few centuries, shouldn't we accept it as a Natural Phenomenon and move forward with the new realities of Life?

The answer is,
Given the growing population and limited natural resources, there's no denial that we need a paradigm shift in our Journey of Life. Resilient and Self-reliant communities that can operate in a decentralized way, optimized through networking, enabled by today's technologies seem to be the Right way forward.

The environmental, social and economical aspects of 'Hand-made' puts it at the top of the list of Key factors required for building such sustainable and self-reliant communities. So, in our earnest desire to make the community around us resilient and sustainable, we promote Hand-made!

One of the ways of promoting Hand-made is through abolishing GST for it. The current classification of products/services under GST is very individualistic. For example, both a drama theatre …

The 3 Stage process

Working hard to stand out is the first step.
Blending to realise the Average is the next.
Diving to the Core bottom inside is the last and final step .
Only to follow up with the standing out effort.
That is Growth - always Cyclic!

Local Governance

A State-Society conversation...

Just like the way we tend to see the inter connectivity & relationship between various life forms in Organic cultivation, we need to have a critical look and assess the current state of relationship between our own State and the Society & all the connecting nodes within this entire spectrum.

From dynastic to the democratic model, the hierarchical pyramid disseminating Authority & governance/control hasn't changed. Its just that in the recent times, the lower level nodes has lost its relevance/control due to lack of awareness & participation.

The local governments role has eroded in the recent years due to public apathy (arising out of lack of advocacy). In spite of the fact that 25 years has passed since the constitutional amendments 73 and 74 has been ratified, adding the third leg (the local government) to the Indian federal Polity, its implementation has been a story of complete neglect. The importance of district an…