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Surrendering to Himalayas!

Surrendering to Himalayas….

25 Dec 04 On the train….

It was a good start to have cakes & milk from downstairs family (for Christmas) before heading to the Bangalore airport in the morning. Following that, the conglomeration with friends at Sealdah railway station (kolkata) restaurant at 4 PM continued the good spirits. The train journey to New Jalpaiguri through the night can be termed as ordinary except for those few good chess games with Paaps & chakkarai.

Well, so far no expectations arising within….does that equate to ignorance?

26 Dec 04 NJP railway stn. 07:30 AM 18 ° C

The Sumo trip to Gangtok (5 hrs) pulled me into the ‘Himalayan Mood’. Driving along the river with occasional military convoys crossing brought the first taste of Himalayan life. Western Ghats sure is a toy cousin of the Huge “H”, in terms of the scale.

27 Dec 04

Even after being seen the main parts of Gangtok and after spending 2 nights, I’m yet to comprehensively feel ‘Gangtok’. U can’t really compare it with any other state capitals. The M. G. Road here has kids playing frisc bees and shuttle! The essential activities of a state capital (like wholesale distribution of essential commodities) are camouflaged with the tourism activities spread on the top urban layer.

The sikkimese people really are very proud of their ‘Honesty’. I’ve heard quite a few people proclaiming that…..and somehow u feel they aren’t lying….

The Omni van trip to Tsongu Lake (@ 10, 000 ft) made me make my first salute to Himalayas…..The Nature. There’s no shade of green that I haven’t seen today. The lake by itself was not that breath taking, (when compared to the one seen in Indonesian Java island), but the To and Fro trip was. Enjoyed the unadulterated tourism activity happening there. It felt good to feel like a native sikkimese, wearing the sikkimese dress and posing for a while…..

The trip back was fabulous. The clouds that seem so down….heavenly it was….

And not forgetting to mention about the classy bar/discotheque at the outskirts of Gangtok…and of course the FireBall!, the official sikkemese alchohol….

Lesson for the day: Looking for the day when I can confidently say that ‘I am as pure as Nature!’

(u might need to download this tamil font to view some of those tamil lines….download the zip file and double click the exe file within)

In search of serenity……
28 Dec 04

I misunderstood the fact that traveling in Himalayas is not something similar to traveling in Western Ghats. The scale and size of the mountains just hits u on the face. Though breakfast was ordinary, Lunch was ‘King Size’. Served by a rural sikkimese family, in a well decorated sikkimese room with the big wooden windows (without grills, of course) brining in the Himalayas in…..enjoyed the momos in particular…..That tour operator (with whom we have booked the next 6 days of trekking) has really planned these things good…..

As we climb up, the river below was actually rotating beneath us with the pivot being a moving object (when seen from various angles while traveling)…..a few continuous moments of serenity!!


In that visit to the on-the-way monastery, well, I understood the functions that happen within a monastery or rather I was going through a live demo of it. Their hospitality was very good, but not sure….it might just be a show of their entrepreneurship.

Lesson of the day:
Ø Nature is my best friend. The best friend I have seen yet….
Ø v‹id xU go nkny ca®¤J« ïªj ïkakiy nghš cŸs k‰w nfhÉšfS¡F« bršy Mir! He really is a philosopher!
Ø And he sure is my guide! Because I draw energy from the forces of nature!

There’s a difference between ‘Sugam’ and ‘Sowkyam’!
fhiyÆš 7 k¡F vGªJ el¡f nt©oaJ jh‹!

30 Dec 04

Starting our trekking from Yuksom, we had to stay midway to Tsoka, as we are too tired by noon itself. Not much of views….not feeling good either…So the mind was I guess a bit miserly yesterday.

Today at 10, 000 ft/ 0° C SURVIVAL indeed is beautiful, as chakkarai told. Even the 9 months old dog at Tsoka was searching its food very gracefully.

Oh! That sunset in Tsoka!! The glittering snow peaks dimming gracefully, while the lower mountain ranges lying parallel to west before me, reveals the topography much better through its siography than during the daytime.

And the silence marks the nights….except for chakkarai’s snoring sound and the feeble Tamil song (from Tillana Mohanambal) emanating from his disc man from his ears….
The unadulterated moonlight that enters our hut through the window…could even measure the size and density of the clouds that pass by the variations in the moonlight that entered in….with all these sharpening the mind’s focus, sleeping was a joy!!!

Well, the one tree that stood just outside our hut, just like a lamppost in shape, guided me during my night walks (for a piss…as I didn’t carry a torch lite)

01 Jan 05 Dzongri 4200ft/-1º C

Its good to retire for the day at 6.30 PM, though u didn’t want it, it was thrust upon u…..My wish for all the forthcoming new years to happen the same way was only partial minded because of the living conditions. The hut up there in Dzongri gave us the best possible protection, but nature always has the final word. Felt the minus temperatures there….not an enjoyable one…..The winds can topple u as u walk on the ridge. The silence and stillness at 10,000 ft disappears into a dynamic, forceful environment, amply supported by the fast moving clouds.

XuhÆu« M©LfŸ K‹ ÑbH rǪj kfh ku¤âš gHikia cz®ªnj©

mj‹ nkY« mU»Y« ts®ªJ« gl®ªJ« ïUªj 13 tif brofŸ 13 tif g¢ir Ãw‡is bfh©oUªjz. mt‰¿‹ òJikia k»œªnj‹

Since this winter is sunnier (with less mist), flowers have already started blooming here and there….

(ï‹W cd¡fˤj th¡if jtw neÇ£lJ. k‹Å¡fî«. c‹dhš jhnd fÉP‹ Mnd‹. )

02 Jan 05

I must admit that we have visited Himalayas while it’s in a self-introspective mood, not bothering much to take care of the visitors. The guide says, the hospitality of the Himalayas is unmatched during the April/May seasons as it welcomes the guests with a style of its own….

Not seeing time and face in the mirror for 5 days in itself feels good…J, though would like to have a mirror to see the itching in my beard and lips….

Conserving the Oct 2004 newspaper that was used to wrap and store my chappals during trekking, saving every minute of the burning candle during the nights (as only a small one is allotted every night) are some of the survival instincts that are learnt in the urban life but used in a different magnitude here…or should I say altitude….

As we trek down, probably if a similar light weight bronze bell is tied in our necks like those tied on the yak’s necks, which were carrying our food and shelter, it might give similar sound, as the pace and style of walking looks similar between us….

The L-Shaped, twisted U-Shaped, Y-Shaped vistas on the way down are countless!!

After 5 days of pure trekking, the night at local bar at Yuksum is so full….of ecstasy, pride, happiness and nostalgic. I got intoxicated after quite some time, I guess.

03 Jan 05

With the 8 ‘O clock sun hitting my back as I was sitting in the wooden pillars on the garden outside our beautiful Yuksum hotel, with mist flowing through my nose as I breath, of all the mp3 songs that I heard then, ‘Its my life’ stood in my mind. And the waving shadows of the long and linear flags fluttering in a row on the pebble court further down goes well with the Kenny G.

ïªj ïkakiy rhuš »uhk« jh‹ mâfhiy nrh«gš K¿¡F« mHbf‹d!

A day in Monastery

During the ½ hr climb on the hill to the monastery, truly a piece of the ‘serenity’ that was seen uncaged and unexpected at 4200 M ridge top at Dzongri is nurtured and grown here, as I could see it crawling everywhere. Typical of Buddhism, it must have been taught hospitality thoroughly as it hugs u and takes care of u in totality. It even helps u to chop off those unwanted growths in u. On the top, the architectural brilliance of Dubdi monastery stuns!. With the Kabru snow peaks at the backdrop, for once I missed a camera, as I haven’t learnt to devour architecture unlike nature.

A brilliant 15 minutes up there, when time is seen as the most colorful thread intertwining the elements of life, with the .htmls and .exe files clinging loosely at the fag end of it….

ïiria uá¥gj¤F xU nrhÜ o°¡nk‹ïiwtid uá¥gj¤F ïkakiy!


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