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Touching base with the roots

Somehow my last visit to my hometown was more interesting and soul-searching than my other previous visits. Probably because i was more open-minded this time...

The reason for my visit being the vazhaigaapu function, it went on smoothly and graciously. Kudos to the organizers!! (I din't move a finger for this as it was well taken care by the elders in the family, especially my highly energized aunt)

In my search for a measuring unit to gauge the growth of the town, I consciously avoided taking the economic factor and took up the social scale instead. The findings seem to be a mixed bag. My interaction with my schoolmate (Soundra Pandian who owns a fireworks factory in Sivakasi and lives in a nuclear family)whose brother and sister lives in metros displayed some positive change in the frequency of thoughts while the older generation tries to preserve the 'culture' and ensures enough speed brakers, which isn't bad though!

My evening out to the Internet parlor with my friends Shyam and Senthur for a group surfing was quite for sure has reached the doorsteps of the towns and villages of India.

Heard that power looms are mushrooming all over the town, due to the spill over from the nearby Rajapalayam because of the end of the WTO regime in textiles industry. The fact that an alternative economic path is evolving to the dying match, fireworks and printing industry brought some cheers inside me. With my grand father being a critical contributor for the mercurial rise of this place in the 40's from nowhere(Sivakasi is famous for its dry, arid & uncultivatable terrain), I'd definetly love to see this town going places....with TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS still getting defined and researched in today's world, he was instrumental in bringing the match box making and printing skills from Calcutta's streets in those early years of 30s and 40s.

Chatting with old friends always makes the mind younger and greener. When 5 of us met for a high tea, it wasn't a high-octane power chat, as effort was required to identify the resonance level after so many years of seperation. We resembled a tree with each one of us growing in different directions like the branches, but still managed to connect inwardly, having our roots common!!


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