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In Search of pure oxygen

The weekend in the Ghats

After a few failed attempts due to my weekend preoccupation, finally I made it to one of the YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India) trekking trips which are conducted once a month regularly...

With my only expectation being pure oxygen out of the trip, I dozed off nicely during the night travel in Swaraj Mazda from bangalore to the Bisle village awaking only for the good masale tea at midnight. Validating my previous experiences, seeing the village first time in that DAWN light was exhilarating as the same village would have been dull and colorless if I was to see it in the broad daylight for the first time. The quiet way in which the whole crowd (17 of us) dispersed in different directions for morning duties and assembled again showed the first signs of orderliness and discipline which are trademarks of such YHAI trips.

By the time we started walking, my comfort level with the team members grew better and tended to be relative. I found a frequency match with t…