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Definition of Harmony

Definition of Harmony

To start on a very arithmetic language, there are two types of Harmony:Emotional LogicalHow often do you look for Harmony? Or what’s your priority for Harmony in life? Where does Harmony stand in your life’s scheme of things?….I believe people tend to see (or believe) Harmony more as a mirage than reality.

‘Finding solutions’ could be the primary goal in your day to day life. But having ‘Finding Harmony’ as a secondary goal doesn’t seem to be that bad or that difficult. Maintaining a secondary goal in all the mundane tasks of life may seem difficult to start-with. But, Beware, Success lies in there for those who are willing to tear apart their comfort zone.

I happen to have two friends who are equally hardworking. But one happen to be a major success (a path breaking kind of own) whereas the other happen to be just around average. So what sets them apart? Well, I am very much tempted to say, ‘It’s the Harmony of Things’…

Now, does that sound too vague? In simple ter…

Bhutan - The Living Museum

The young boy Namgay 11 years of age was high in energy and spirit. This is the first time in his life, he’s enjoying freedom.
He was stuck to that wall glass in the Paro airport with his nose flattened, He was seeing the landing of Druk Air flight, national carrier of Bhutan from Calcutta in that narrow valley with those big mountains in the background. He felt grace in that. He wondered when he could become a passenger to see those rooftops of the great Himalayan Mountains partly covered by moving clouds.

Well, he’s actually a monk from Trashigang Dzong, a monastery in the eastern Bhutan, He was donated to the monastery by his parents, In Bhutan, its customary that each family should ‘donate’ a percentage of their siblings’ count to the monasteries… even today! This is required to maintain the required workforce strength in the community as monks are involved in the active administration of the country along with His Majesty The King. But from 2008, the whole set up is going to be res…