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My gentle companion!

The best thing I did in my ALTO journey to Sivakasi was to break the journey and start early in the morning from Salem. The whole trip from Bangalore to Sivakasi was around 500 kms and I'm happy that it took around 15 hrs for me to cover it....

Those words from Kodai panbalai varisai (FM) in my car radio still lingers in my mind.... What a way to package a 'western' thought in 'eastern' wrapper.

That tea shop in Kalavadi taught me more lessons than anything today. While I casually stopped in that tea shop at moring 6.30 AM, to have my first tea after driving for one and a half hours from Salem, little did I realize that the shop is owned and operated by the ugliest man (I have seen) with fire wounds leaving permanant marks on his distorted face and body. But the way he maintained his shop and treated his customers proved that humanity in him reigns supreme. I couldnt stop my urge to take a photo of him....

Though the roadside had mostly neem and tamarind trees, the o…


Everyone wants to stand on a pedestal. It's ok to do that till you are sure of what the height of your pedestal should be.

Its saddening to see when someone can't realise the elevational height of the natural mound on which they are sitting.

Tip: Never arrive at your pedestal's height in relation to others!!!:-)


The other day while having 'Brownie Fudge Icecream' in Corner House Icecream shop,

I realized that: I can't take the blackness of the choclate without the whiteness of the vanilla.