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Shanthivanam Newsletter - 1

Just a thought...

I guess 2007 has given enough events & thoughts to ponder to thank it and lets hope 2008 brings all the needful surprises to make this a better world! Wishing a very happy 2008 to all!

This newsletter, as a new year's sprout of Shanthivanam will grow fortnightly on every Full Moon day, highlighting the latest news & developments around our world, which has an impact on our evolutionary process. The intent here is to project & analyze such news bytes in a fitting background. Be it ClimatATIC Change, Carbon Trading, Nuclear Energy, Nutri-genetics, Stem Cell Therapy or GM Crops, it is important to experience and digest the information in the right context. For, life is all about NATURAL SELECTION. It's about trying to see the Earth and life In it as an integrated whole!

Though the
UNPCC report on Climate Change is laden with political connotations and softened due to enterprise lobbies, the study elucidates one thing with certainity: The speed of climate change is fast enough to have a wide-spread impact on the human ecosystems. Those who have some time, please go through this Fourth Assessment Report from the UNPCC, as it's an good summary of hundreds of scientist's works. Now, Climate Change is just one AMONG THE OTHER problems that our dear Mother Earth faces. Quoting BBC, the other major areas of concern are: Energy, Bio-diversity, Pollution, Water & Food scarcity. Today, there are more questions than answers in these topics and the time is running out, fast.

Now, love & passion is not something that comes upon necessity. Our effort to admire and protect Nature is for me, a matter of spiritual growth and moral responsibility.

With Al Gore and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change headed by Rajendra Pachauri)
getting this year's Nobel Prize for peace, lets hope the awareness & actions become more wide-spread and reach a critical mass soon enough, avoiding ecological disasters. At the same time, let's strive to be a role model in inculcating love & admiration for nature, leading to more effective changes at the grass roots level!!!

A thought to ponder: From Capitalism to Freeganism? More to come in the next fortnight….


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