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To his mother:
“The Ordainer controls the fate of souls in accordance with their past deeds, their prarabdha karma. Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try how hard you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to stop it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is for one to be silent (resigned).”

Technology in Nature

While nature is all encompassing, it's perceived as a web of eco-systems by humans. Today, Technology is one of the few factors that have a major impact on eco-systems world over. So, the key question to be answered here is - How significant is TECHNOLOGY in the spectrum of Human Civilization? No doubt, TECHNOLOGY has increased the speed of things in life. Today, our brain is getting accustomed to process more information in a given time. We always have a pending list of things to do - be at career or at home!

My view is,

Like in driving, SPEED thrills, but kills someday....if one is not sensitive enough to figure out the 'right speed' of LIFE for oneself. Unfortunately, like in motor vehicles, there's no optimal range (80 - 100 kms/hr) that can be specified for humans in general. And one way to assess your speed is by answering the question - How significant is TECHNOLOGY in your life??

Life goes on....

My role in the Market

Capitalism in its current form is passe. The 2 key lessons learnt are:

The level of competition in today's free market economy is too high to operate ethically AND No amount of regulations can ensure transparency and ethicalness.

and the 2 key questions to be answered are:

So what's the right level of competition to be maintained in the markets AND How to make a Business entity operate ethically?

In a forest, there's competition between the shrubs and tall trees for the sunshine, but there's no profit maximization. There's no question of immoral actions because entities are self-regulated.

Conscious Walk!

Every age in the history of man kind, including the current one has been faced with a choice between Mortal Danger and Unprecedented Opportunity.

That's a law of Nature.

Let the course of action be after the realization of that Mortal Danger and unprecedented opportunities!


If there’s one thought that I can evolve,
Let it be intertwined with


And can it be?

With Innocence to Inquisitiveness to Arrogant Ignorance to Relating-ness (current state)to Surrender to Bliss!!!

A few cornerstones of my Journey back in life:

Kerala - Dec 09


Trissur is the cultural capital of Kerala. An Eco-Shop run by Anil, had the best collection of books on Nature, I've seen so far. The Masanobu Furokuoka's 'The road back to Nature' has already made some lasting impact on me within the first few pages. Have u seen Masanobu's dressing style? I like it. Out of love for Nature AND Relationships, I purchased gifts for everyone.
In front of the Gnani

Since I was visiting a 'Swami' after many years, I wasn't sure how to behave myself. That new situation became the catalyst for many more new experiences to come. I witnessed and interacted in that soul party, quite effortlessly, along with my friends. The environment also looked quite familiar. RESPECT: It's a feeling that I've long forgotten and this Gnani helped me discover it, in its true sense.

Meeting people on the path:

I couldn't believe that Subash had actually spent nights in graveyard as part of his 'athmabodham'…