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A few cornerstones of my Journey back in life:

Kerala - Dec 09



Trissur is the cultural capital of Kerala. An Eco-Shop run by Anil, had the best collection of books on Nature, I've seen so far. The Masanobu Furokuoka's 'The road back to Nature' has already made some lasting impact on me within the first few pages. Have u seen Masanobu's dressing style? I like it. Out of love for Nature AND Relationships, I purchased gifts for everyone.
 In front of the Gnani

Since I was visiting a 'Swami' after many years, I wasn't sure how to behave myself. That new situation became the catalyst for many more new experiences to come. I witnessed and interacted in that soul party, quite effortlessly, along with my friends. The environment also looked quite familiar. RESPECT: It's a feeling that I've long forgotten and this Gnani helped me discover it, in its true sense.

Meeting people on the path:

I couldn't believe that Subash had actually spent nights in graveyard as part of his 'athmabodham' process. He looked well integrated with the society to do that. Having someone like Subash in one of his backyard guesthouses, Doctor (Venugopal) perhaps could have opened his mind more....

Shaji's innovative water tank and speaker system in his nursery gave a glimpse of his creative mind. Having come from a tribal family practicing medicine, he probably have wealth of information on plant kingdom.

Kalam is a painter who believes in OSHO and the moment. I wonder how he could sustain that slow wavelength in his daily life! As a whole, people in Kerala seem to have lot more time in their hand, smiles more while giving direction, indulge more in intellectual discussions & was resonating well with me.

Nellayampathy Permaculture farmland could be my next destination in Kerala!


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