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My role in the Market

Capitalism in its current form is passe. The 2 key lessons learnt are:

The level of competition in today's free market economy is too high to operate ethically AND No amount of regulations can ensure transparency and ethicalness.

and the 2 key questions to be answered are:

So what's the right level of competition to be maintained in the markets AND How to make a Business entity operate ethically?

In a forest, there's competition between the shrubs and tall trees for the sunshine, but there's no profit maximization. There's no question of immoral actions because entities are self-regulated.

Conscious Walk!

Every age in the history of man kind, including the current one has been faced with a choice between Mortal Danger and Unprecedented Opportunity.

That's a law of Nature.

Let the course of action be after the realization of that Mortal Danger and unprecedented opportunities!