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Transmutation of the cerebral knowledge into spontaneous wisdom!

Educating the intellect is a cold, clinical, objective experiment that touches the outer crust of our personality.

But 'aligning the mind' to live in confirmity with such understanding is a far more tricky art - as it involves the radical transformation of the very personality. - Page 39

(our fate is defined by a bundle of habits. So if you want to change your fate - change your habits)


No two snowflakes are the same. You are also unique. 

You have been created unique with certain abilities that no other person has. That's your Swadharma, your individual duty, the inner law of your being. 

Find out what your Swadharma is. 
Take stock of your natural inclinations and your capabilities. With some things it's so natural, like a fish in the water. You just know, 'Ahh, that's what I'm meant to do.'  

Feel the unseen hand directing your every moment, taking you along from one thing to another. Know that it's always unplanned by you and for the good of everybody. That's the real Swadharma.