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Transmutation of the cerebral knowledge into spontaneous wisdom!

Educating the intellect is a cold, clinical, objective experiment that touches the outer crust of our personality.

But 'aligning the mind' to live in confirmity with such understanding is a far more tricky art - as it involves the radical transformation of the very personality. - Page 39

(our fate is defined by a bundle of habits. So if you want to change your fate - change your habits)


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Enjoying Music!

Music is a black hole - it sucks your soul in!
Music is a bright star - it guides your flying soul!

The difference between classical music and commerical music is SPONTANTIY. Thats why even in carnatic music, when the spontanity is lost, it becomes commercial rather than classical.

Music must be enjoyed in continuous oscillation between mind and heart!!!
Listening (& feeling:-)with the heart & Learning with the mind

But that's synonymous with every activity we do, I guess