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discovered by science:

That in essence all things are immortal, that there is not a single atomic particle in creation that can go out of existence, that the changes we think are death and birth are only rearrangements of the living energies of which all consist.

Ramana Maharshi

We cannot manoeuvre and progress towards victory over an enemy that outnumbers us, in such an inimical battlefield called the human mind, without soliciting real help.


வெள்ளதனைவது மலர் நீட்டம் மாந்தர் தம் உள்ளதனைவது உயர்வு!

The height of the water in the pond dictates the height of the Lotus flower in it. Likewise, the greatness of an individual is dictated by the beauty of Heart (The stem of the Lotus adjusts its height according to the height of the water in the pond.)