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It was the year 1935, the All India Congress Session was held in Bombay.The historic meet  was held after three and a half years. It was in this session that Gandhiji brought a resolution for the approvel of the All India Congress  Commette. The Bill was,to approve that Truth and Nonviolence will be accepted as the guiding principles for Congress. And unfotunately, it was not accepted and Gandhiji had no other go other than to quit from the Primary Membership of the A.I.Congress Committe. This was the most crucial point in Gandhiji s political and public life. Gandhiji failed to convene the Congress as to why he was insisting the Congress for adopting the Truth and Nonviolence as a basic creed. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of this Historic Congress Session.
In fact this was the begining of the moral fall of the Congress according to Gandhiji. He wanted the Congress to be an instrument of the principles of Truth and Nonviolence. Gandhiji through thses basic principles wanted to show to the world that Truth and Nonviolence could be the principles of successful Social Change. It was at this crucial hour that he was working for the basic Social Change. That was the Mantra of Back to Village, Gandhiji was planning to awaken half a million Villages of India and he was working for a mass resergance of Rural India. But it was not to happen, alas! 
Mao understood this revolutionary Mantra, but with a basic differece. He could not follow Gandhiji-s basic principles of Truth and Nonviolence, mere physical force. But Mao was temporarily successful and brought a Social Revolution in Rural China. Because of the absence of Truth and Nonviolence Mao reached the goal of State Capitalism, though he was an ardent Communist. He could not bring or make a  Community. Of course, he could make his millions of people economically self -sustained. Today, it is this capability that had brought China at number one in the global market. 


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