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During 2000-2010, the government subsidies to the global fossil fuel industry leapt to $409 billion, while those for renewable energy trailed at $66 billion. If subsidies for fossil fuel are still increasing, it seems clear that the world’s governments are yet to seriously accept the reality of the climate change situation

Why you need to collaborate

Just a thought the other day.... Biodiversity is dying. Smaller Cultures & isolated Species are disappearing fast. But what the heck...we are just witnessing one in a probably 10 million years milestone. While many such milestones has gone by so far in this 4.5 billion year old Earth, this one is important to us, just because you can be part of only one such event.
After year's of expansion, Earth's biodiversity is contracting in the last 100 odd years. If we humans are NOT to be remembered as the 'Dinosaurs' of this modern age, we need to ACT now. If you think we already have the ability to endure any catastrophes, sorry you're wrong. The cockroaches and turtoise will outlive us for sure.
Humans has evolved learing from nature and we are yet to pass out of schooling in this education....Having to face today's earth problems in the mid-way of our journey of mastering 'NATURE', the only option we have now is to 'Collaborate' & 'Integ…