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Happy Pongal - 2012

Let us count our blessings and never our troubles

Face your troubles. You will find growth in it. Count your blessings. You will find happiness in it. The blessing is that we have enough for our needs. The trouble is that we do not have enough for our greed. Stop asking, “Why me God?” for all our troubles and start asking, “Why me God?” for all our blessings.

What a blessing it is to be born as a human being? We have shelter to sleep under, people to cry for and cry with, enough to eat, plenty to wear, education to build our life on; we speak, read and write in at least two languages; we have abundance of technology to make our life comfortable, limitless avenues of entertainment ….and the list is endless. Oh, what a blessing life is?

Aspire for sneakers, but be grateful for the legs. Aspire for the diamond ring, but be grateful for the fingers. Aspire for the waterbed, but be grateful for your sleep. Aspire for the palatial bungalow, but be grateful to be part of a home that is not built by bricks, but by love. Aspire for enlightenment, but be grateful that you are a seeker.

If we honestly look into our lives, the best of everything that we have has been given to us even without we having to ask for it. This very life, as a human being, is a blessing bestowed up on us with out we having asked for it. It seems there is a force that understands what is good for us, much more than we understand it ourselves.

(copied from Mahalakshmi Subramanian & VCS - 


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