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Education in School

“The presumption that a child needs to acquire pre-defined pieces of information at a certain age with no modification whatsoever and with extreme pressure and compulsion is unacceptable to me. If we define a system, we draw lines and it becomes very difficult to go beyond those boundaries and think out of the box. So you get out of the box to think out of the box,” he added. Priya Desiken, fellow unschooling parent from Chennai and a part of Swashikshan comments, “My son Raghav left school two years ago. He could not handle the stress, pressure and the structure emphasised on in school. His resentment towards school started growing and it transformed him into a rebel.” It got difficult for her family to handle him. So it was decided to de-school him. “It’s a pleasure to mark the positive changes in him ever since. While in school, he had earned a repute of being a loner and shy. But now, he is a changed kid and has opened up to a large level. Self-learning has done him a great deal …

Purpose of a Nation

The life of each nation has a moral purpose of its own, and the manners and customs
of a nation must be judged from the standpoint of that purpose. The Westerners should
be seen through their eyes; to see them through our eyes, and for them to see us
 through theirs--both these are mistakes.
- Swami Vivekananda