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Sustainable Living

Sustainability can be achieved when we know how to live in harmony with nature. For example, to have a sustained health, you should let your body to be in resonance with Nature. Likewise, to produce food sustainably, we need to be in sync with the natural processes and laws. 

Natural processes like the carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle etc are nothing but how these elements are in constant cyclic move. In other words, to ensure enough nitrogen is available in the land for agriculture (by the way, nitrogen is a very important element required in agriculture), our handling of oceans and air atmosphere is vital, so that the balance in nitrogen cycle is maintained. 'Sustainable Agriculture' thus, is something that can happen only when the various anthorpogenic activities are streamlined with 'Sustainability' as the driving factor.

Healing is a process which facilitates the returning to original state (or in other words, natural/default state). Today, science has proved beyond doubt that Mother Earth is undergoing changes that are unnatural, which are caused by human actions. For Mother Earth to heal and revert back to her original/natural/default evolutionary process, we need to learn how to walk 'light' and cause no permanent footprints on her....

About learning to walk 'light', Gandhi said 'There's enough for everyone's need, but there isn't enough for everyone's greed'. So if each one of us can draw that virtual line inside us that differentiates the NEED and GREED within, 'SUSTAINABILITY' is very much achievable. That according to me, is the simplest and shortest route to achieve sustainability. 

Albert Howard's opening statement in his book 'Agricultural Testament' says beautifully:

And Nature, the old nurse, took
The Child upon her Knee,
Saying: 'Here is a story-book
Thy father has written for thee.'

'Come, wander with me,' she said,
'Into regions yet untrod;
And read what is still unread
In the manuscripts of God.'

To conclude,
If all our policies and actions can help man to draw that line between NEED vs GREED/DESIRE, we as a race would become progressive. Wouldn't we?

If our education can teach generations to decipher the real meaning of the above poem quoted by Albert, we need nothing else! Don't we?


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