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Studying the types of things that gives one the pleasure & happiness is vital, as nullifying that list is one's own responsibility. Whereas, studying the types of sadness producing things may become irrelevant if faith in the supreme can be reinforced!

Good Health

In the pursuit of Good Health,

Consumption of Organic food comes only as the second thing.

The first thing is to take Vow(s) to regulate Food habits and adhering to it at all cost!

Growth & Decay

Like in plants & trees, physical growth in humans too happen till a stage in life. Then the process of decay kicks in. Like in plants & trees, only during this decay process, the fruits of the labour during the growth stage is formed and made available . And the decayed physical components of humankind merging with its origin, ie, SOIL, ensures the sustainability of this wheel of Life. BTW, the fruits are meant to be cherished to span new wheels of life, continuing the tradition.