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The Hand Made & the GST

Is Hand made to be promoted? If it's in the decline in the last few centuries, shouldn't we accept it as a Natural Phenomenon and move forward with the new realities of Life?

The answer is,
Given the growing population and limited natural resources, there's no denial that we need a paradigm shift in our Journey of Life. Resilient and Self-reliant communities that can operate in a decentralized way, optimized through networking, enabled by today's technologies seem to be the Right way forward.

The environmental, social and economical aspects of 'Hand-made' puts it at the top of the list of Key factors required for building such sustainable and self-reliant communities. So, in our earnest desire to make the community around us resilient and sustainable, we promote Hand-made!

One of the ways of promoting Hand-made is through abolishing GST for it. The current classification of products/services under GST is very individualistic. For example, both a drama theatre and a cinema theatre cannot be categorized collectively as 'Entertainment'. Khadi and Mill clothes cannot be categorized collectively as 'Textiles'. Because by nature, the introduction of GST makes it a fight between David and Goliath. In an uneven contest, the role of a Government is to regulate the rules making the contest even and fair. I intend not to digress here but I think promotion of Hand-made is a more fool-proof and efficient mechanism for Inclusive Growth than Reservations.

At the same breath of asking the Government for the removal of GST for Hand-made products, we would also like to take the oath of promoting Hand-made products by maximizing its utilization in our daily lives!

Our collective knowledge, Skill and Application of Organic farming, Khadi & Bamboo/Mud Habitats (Food, Clothing & Shelter - basics of Life) shall make our Communityies Resilient!

Thank you Prasannaji for making us realize this!
Meeting at Charvaka, Mysore on 17th Dec 2017


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